Top 8 Dumbest Smartphones Apps of All Time

by Preetha 2012-09-10 14:29:33

Atomic Fart App Yup, now you can pretty much replicate any and all sounds related to flatulence (there are over thirty to choose from).

Poop AppThis app supposedly gives you information about your own you know what. Moving on.

Zips App This app displays a zipper that you get to unzip, then zip back up. That is it. The only practical use I can think of for this app is if you are a creepy guy sitting alone in a bar or coffee shop, and you see a cute girl and hold up your Smartphone zipping and unzipping the zipper on the screen as some sort of perverse mating ritual. Letâs all hope the Zips app doesn't catch on as a hip way to pick up chicks.

iPhone Blower For those of us who lack the lung capacity to blow out a candle, donât worry, your iPhone will do it for you. This app blows a tiny stream of air out the bottom of your iPhone. I guess people donât have the time to come up with cooler party tricks these days.
b>Hair Clinic App- Aw, man. When will people stop exploiting the desperation of bald men for financial gain? Its just mean. This app actually claims to stimulate hair growth. You are supposed to hold your iPhone against your head, then you press a button to induce a "massage" feature, and then another button to switch to "improve" feature. This is supposed to make your hair grow.

Booger Flick App- Apparently consumers have a proclivity for all these icky. For .99 cents, you can flick virtual boogers at people on your contact list. But wait, it gets better. You can even customize the color and mood of the booger you flick. America, you are so classy.

Sexy Girl Talk App Now, sad sack lonely guys can listen to the sound of a hot girls voice, and review the alphabet at the same time! The makers of this app hired a "professional voice" model to speak all the letters of alphabet in a sophisticated way. Combine this with the 'Zips app' and officially scare away every girl you will ever meet.

Cow Toss App
As communities become increasingly urbanized, kids are missing out on all the joys of rural life. In this app, you flick the screen with your finger and a digital cow flies into 3D space. You know, for all adolescent boys who grew up in the city and never got to go cow tippinâ. I wonder why cows get such a bad rap among American youth.

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