Pinterest - History of the Internet's First Virtual Pinboard

by Preetha 2012-09-10 15:32:39

From Google to iPhone Apps
A graduate of Yale with a passion for engineering who also worked for a consulting firm before cajoling Google into taking him on, he certainly had the background to prepare him for such an adventure. One of the things Silbermann learned from his time at Google was not to be afraid of having big dreams. After all, the people he was exposed to there led big jobs that produced amazing products for the megacorporation. Although he was an engineer at heart and had great ideas for potential new products, he was stuck in the area where he was hired and unable to see those ideas become a reality.

So he did the only logical thing; resigned from Google and took a few months to find his way in the world of digital business. Many of his ideas before Pinterest were total flops. With his friend Paul Sciarra, he began working on iPhone apps, but none of them really took off in a way that would bring the pair any kind of real success. The failed iPhone apps kept Silbermann humble through the process that led to the creation of today's fastest growing social network.

Pinterest Harkens Back to the Good Times
He never gave up on the idea of owning his own internet startup company, and finally it was a reflection on his childhood that led him to create Pinterest. Pinterest harkens to the stamp, rock, and coin collections of our childhoods. Here are some of the ways Pinterest mimics traits of those collections of our pasts:

More than one way to collect and organize. You can add brand new pins or share the ones previously posted by other pinners. And after you share them, you can organize them in neat mini-collections on boards that you can label with regards to what's pinned there or anything else you choose.

Versatility between users. Whether you're a foodie looking to up your culinary repertoire or a stay-at-home mom looking for holiday craft ideas to occupy the kids over winter break, or a scrapbooking enthusiast looking for inspiration to help enhance photographic copies of family memories, thereâs something for everyone to share at Pinterest.

Low cost and uncomplicated. Pinterest is free. As long as you already have access to the internet and sign up to use the site, you're ready to start pinning! But best of all, it's easy to use. Kids over the age of 13 are welcome to join the site and pin along with their friends, family members, and other users.

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