Ways to reduce fax transmission time

by Sanju 2012-09-12 11:26:11

Ways to reduce fax transmission time

Avoid excessive use of black. - In general you should avoid large graphics or logos and refrain from using large font sizes, bold settings and underlining

Plan your white space. - Faxes are transmitted as a collection of horizontal lines. Even one small bit of black on a horizontal line requires that the whole line be transmitted and printed. When finalizing your fax piece try to create your document in blocks leaving vertical blank space in between and avoid vertical lines or frames around the text

Chose your resolution carefully - Faxes can be sent in either standard fax resolution (204 x 98 DPI) or fine fax resolution (204 X 196 DPI). Using fine fax resolution will generate a higher quality image, however it will double the transmission time.

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