Use Skype To Backup Your Files to a Trusted Friend's Computer

by Preetha 2012-09-14 11:04:53

Uses Skype to Backup Files on other Computers

Finally, you can connect Cucku to Skype, and add a partner to store your backup. Every day, Cucku will back up your data to a local folder on then PC and then sends any new or changed files to your backup partner over Skype for offsite storage.

Since it can often take a long time to transfer your entire backup over the internet, Cucku allows you to dump the backup onto your friend's computer through a portable drive if you wish. Later, only incremental updates will be transferred over the internet. You can also view individual files that have been backed up through Cucku, so if you accidently delete a file on your local PC, you can always restore it alone without having to restore the entire backup.

But is Skype is shutting down extras?

Skype recently discontinued their Skype Extras program but Cucku service will continue to work as before since it only uses the Skype API to send files to a backup partner and the API will remain functional even after the Extras go out of service.

In the free version you can store backup files for one user and store you backup on one other computer running Skype. If you would like to store your backup on multiple computers or allow multiple people to store their backups on your computer, you can go for the Pro version.

Is it better than Dropbox or Windows Live Mesh?

Dropbox and Windows Live Mesh too provide online backup but these are primarily synchronization services also let you copy files across multiple computers so they are all in sync with each other (like your home and office computer).

Cucku is different. When you use Cucku to store your files on a friend's computer over Skype, he or she won't be able to read the contents of your files as they are in encrypted form. Another advantage with Cucku is that you can transfer unlimited amount to data to another computer while services like Dropbox have a certain limit for free accounts.

With Cucku, your friends and family members can help each other out with offsite backups without having to rely on an external backup service. The only condition for anyone to become part of this inner circle is that that they should be running Windows.

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