General Tips in Using jQuery

by Sanju 2012-09-14 12:33:38

General Tips in Using jQuery

These tips are for those who are just starting to get the gist of using jQuery. Most articles with the same topic provide similar (if not the same) tips of advice and thus making these points a part of the “need to know” list.

Add plugins. Compared to JavaScript, jQuery provides easier code handling and designing. And with the use of additional plugins, creating a very appealing website will be just a breeze. The jQuery environment is written in a way that users can add other additional software to it. One of the easiest ways to do it is incorporating plugins into the program. These plugins have a wide variety of uses (from acting as a “shortcut” to longer strings of code or setting up an already complete system and then tweaking the theme based on the user’s needs. It can be easily found anywhere online, so one can just search for it in Google and receive many results.

Use a cheat sheet. Memorizing all the codes requires a lot of time and, evidently it is very difficult to do. Instead, most people using jQuery create or look for cheat sheets. These can be in any form – be it just background wallpaper showing different terms and codes or a plugin for jQuery and created with jQuery itself. Adding this to the arsenal makes coding much easier and faster.

Use the latest version. Since its launch in January 2006, jQuery has been updated regularly, improving its efficiency and usability. And since it is free, the updates that come along with it are free as well. Using the most recent version not only provides better performance but also lets the user know he/she is in line with the latest changes.

Add interactivity. jQuery is a powerful tool for creating and designing graphics based websites, but it doesn’t stop there. The strings of code written in it can also be used for other purposes like creating animation and/or adding user input. It can also be used in conjunction with PHP, CSS and even HTML to create almost any kind of on-line media (forums, chatrooms, polls, etc.). Combine all to get the most out of the program.

Use it every time. jQuery is a tool that provides convenience, efficiency, competitiveness and state-of-the-art designs and layouts. It would not be too far off the road to think that one day it would dominate how the World Wide Web is experienced.

Look for other tutorials offers a comprehensive outline of tutorials and how-to’s for users of all levels. Add the fact that there are countless other websites and articles out there that provide helpful tips and tricks to aid the user in using jQuery.

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