Life Timer

by barkkathulla 2012-09-14 18:06:17


A lot of people believe that having lots of money and riches is the only way to gain happiness.
Money, lots of money, can bring sadness as well. The more we have the more we want and to get that wealth can mean endless time a way from loved ones which in turn will make them unhappy.
Spending lavishly on toys or gifts does not resemble happiness or love.

Just being content with life can bring joy to some people. Being loved by somebody, be it a friend or a lover, is all one may need. The material things in life are irrelevant.

Take time to smell the roses and enjoy life, laugh a little once in a while or make another laugh.
Have you ever caught yourself watching a child when they are laughing? If you cannot remember ever doing this try it.
Listening to another laugh makes you smile and almost every time, laugh also.

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