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by barkkathulla 2012-09-15 10:25:54

<u><font color=#550000>PROVIDE A GOOD JOB REFERENCE</font>Smile

Be aware of the following:
⢠The job candidate may worry if you give a letter that is reasonable
but not an outstanding recommendation.
⢠Give a clear and precise picture.
⢠Explain the context of the candidate's accomplishments or research
and give a sense of how that work will contribute to a given job or
⢠Establish the candidateâs contribution: Explain what a discipline or
your department would have been like if the candidate had never
contributed to it.
⢠Remember that the person you are recommending is competing with
other applicants who are highly recommended for the same job.
Therefore, any letter without the highest recommendations can look
⢠A statement to hint a consideration of a candidate's weakness is a
kiss of death. Avoid the temptation to go there.
⢠Make it positive to leave a good impression of the Job candidate
because your letter is the last piece of information to greatly impact
the review process.
⢠You are rendering a professional service to the job candidate and the
search committee/the hiring manager that evaluates the candidate.
⢠Donât write a positive letter of recommendation if you can't do so
⢠A letter to recommend hire focuses more on competency, scholarly
or exceptional contribution and performance potentials.
⢠A letter to recommend focuses on objectively evaluating the work
the job candidate has already completed with 40% praise and 60%
objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses (an evaluation of
impacts, competencies, performance and most important
⢠The critical comments could give tenure committee a reason to
decline a promotion.
⢠Donât leave the reviewers with more questions and many ways of
interpreting your comments. Avoid the following:
"I am thrilled to provide a reference for Jon Doe, whom I
trained and with whom I thereafter collaborated for many
The reviewer: The candidate was to secure a letter from an
objective observer. This wonât cut it. You must establish your
relationship as an objective expert.
"Jon Doe deserves this promotion because he has done 20
workshops and 5 papers on this topic last year.â
The reviewer: We can count but are you too lazy to read and
evaluate the papers? It is best to read a paper or attend a
workshop to directly evaluate and praise the quality of the work
and performance rather than the quantity.
"Jon Doe is really considered to be a remarkable employee."

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