by barkkathulla 2012-09-17 18:08:11

Red Cross

Canberra developer Jagdish Mehra said the idea of creating the Red Cross app arose from a conversation with an Australian Red Cross manager who said the organisationâs biggest problem is getting enough volunteers to help with natural disasters.

âWe decided to build a Windows 8 app which allows the public to see where the Red Cross is looking for people to help.â

For example, a member of the public can enter an Australian post code on the app and see where the disaster is taking place. The app will also tell the user how many volunteers are needed in that area.

Get Tanked

This app, developed by Myles Eftos, is designed to help people search for the best petrol prices in Perth, Western Australia, and includes the price, location, name and phone number of the service station.

Get Tanked users can also compare prices at different service stations in the city in order to find the best place to fill up.

Real Estate Manager

Brisbane developer William Hiew said Real Estate Manager is aimed at property managers who need to schedule inspections with tenants. The app also has information on the tenantâs problem, such as a water leak, and when they will be available.

Real Estate Manager includes inspection history and the tenantâs contact details.

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