Structure of advanced VOIP NETWORK

by barkkathulla 2012-09-18 09:33:45

The number initiates the circuit, when one terminates or hangs up the call then the voice stored in the circuit is taken to the voice server. By this working method, some simulations make the receiving voice which different from the original voice. Generally, there is an analog to digital converter which makes the analog signal from the telephone which converted to digital
and transmitted over the target phone and there the digital is converted into analog. So far, there is also an device which is to find out the signaling role(set up circuits) and all the functions associated with that call(ex: duration, voice data) . The protocols such as H.232 and Session
Initialization Protocol (SIP) are used for signaling. Other than this, the main issues stem the fact
of the VoIP consider about the Quality of voice, interoperability, Scalability. These issues and mainly the quality of voice can be improved by giving the high priority for voice packets and by cancelling the echo occurs in the route and the security is provided by means of the tunneling by using Layer2 tunneling andencryption by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). T he scope of the network gets increased, so the customers considering the QOS problems. So, the service performances affect the Quality Of Service are, the service distribution and the network faults. The main network performances such as end-to-end delay, jitter, traffic dropping, and link utilization are affected which are reflects in QOS and customer satisfaction degree by this kind of network faults. In order to discover the association pattern (pattern in the network performances and network faults) is the complex one. The network simulation occurs in different form which includes both software and hardware of the network structure. When the network simulation under the software means it is the logical fault network simulation and the rest is the physical fault simulation. Some of the commonly occurs network simulation are the configuration error and some damage in the network products. The network products include all such routers, switches, link, server and others. Every equipment results in different type of faults i.e. If there is interface which is to transmit between the source and target, then sometimes it results in Overflow of the buffer memory in interface and IP address fault of the interface. Though, there are several network simulations, equally there are enough solutions to solve the simulations. There is also more than one solution for the same simulation in the variation of the
environment and the best one is implemented among the alternatives.

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