How to Recycle the Unused Bandwidth in IEEE 802.16 Networks?

by barkkathulla 2012-09-18 09:48:21

<font color=#000066>The Physical and MAC </font>layers have been specified in IEEE 802.16 networks. The quality of service is ensured by the bandwidth reservation. The subscriber station should reserve the bandwidth more than its demand. But the bandwidth is fully utilized by SS but not all the time. So the bandwidth has recycled by the process of recycling the unused
bandwidth. The main objective of the proposed scheme is to utilize the unused bandwidth by recycling and maintain the QOS service. By recycling the throughput can be improved which maintains the QOS in the proposed scheme. During
this recycling process to maintain the QOS services, the amount of reserved bandwidth is not changed. The proposed scheme can utilize the unused bandwidth up to 70% on average. Protocols and the scheduling algorithms are used to improve the utilization and throughput.

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