External Locking in MYSQL

by satheeshkumar 2012-09-18 21:32:02

External Locking in MYSQL ,

External locking is the use of file system locking to manage contention for MyISAM database tables by multiple processes. External locking is used in situations where a single process such as the MySQL server cannot be assumed to be the only process that requires access to tables. Here are some examples:

* If you run multiple servers that use the same database directory (not recommended), each server must have external locking enabled.

* If you use myisamchk to perform table maintenance operations on MyISAM tables, you must either ensure that the server is not running, or that the server has external locking enabled so that it locks table files as necessary to coordinate with myisamchk for access to the tables. The same is true for use of myisampack to pack MyISAM tables.


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