Future scope of solar drying in developing country

by barkkathulla 2012-09-19 11:29:25

<font size=5>The major problem</font> in relavant to agricultural produce in Cambodia is related to the manufactures storage in the harvesting season, and to point out an alternative to marketing new produce. These products consists of rice,corn, bananas, mango, coffee, beans, jack fruit, fish and other vegetables. A useful option is to prevent wastage of this kind of product by drying, using solar energy. An important way of research and dissemination methods supported the development of solar dryers.It gives a description of the effortable programme to texture, develop and test various kinds of solar dryers (cabinet dryer and chimney drier)
that match the needs and requirements in Cambodia.Practical trials on these dryers have given
satisfactory results and to show that they are suitable for local dissemination.

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