Biometric secure human identification

by barkkathulla 2012-09-19 11:36:27

overview of attendance management project in biometrics
The attendance systems in schools and colleges for students nowadays are evolving to be controlled electronically than manually. To increase its accuracy and ensure authentication towards the data stored.

An attendance system being manual by process can undergo its own demerits. The accuracy decreases by increased number of students. The chances of proxy attendance process exist. The maintenance of data for long period is complicated till date. It is also a time consuming process. A fully automated attendance system is in need to satisfy the above needs.

In our project, a smart card based gate entry for the each individual student with their identity is provided. The campus entry is possible only with the provided smart card and is fully controlled over an RF communication network.

A real time attendance based on face recognition is detected from the classroom automatically between certain intervals of time. The attendance is recorded according to the predefined database of faces of students. A server system is connected through a wireless RF medium in the admin block. A GSM module interfaced to it gives an alert to the corresponding faculty or parent about the absence of the student in classroom or the campus.

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