Folder Without A Name

by Mohan 2012-09-19 19:17:53

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Folder Without A Name</h2>
Do you know that it is possible to create a folder without a name? Indeed, you can create a folder without any name at all! Follow the steps below to create a folder without any name:

1.Firstly, remove the old name. (right click , rename and click delete)
2.Then , press and hold down the ALT button and type 0160, then press Enter.

Important: Make sure you have switched on the number pad of your computer when you type "0160".

Important thing to notice: You should type the code 0160 by holding the Alt button. You must Hold down the ALT button. You must type the code by using the number pads. In some laptops the number pads are hidden and difficult to use. First turn on the number lock by using Fn+Nmlk and then type the code from the right hand side pad of your laptop. Do not use the horizontal number keys.

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