How to embedded an image in PHP graphics concept??

by barkkathulla 2012-09-19 20:04:06

<font color=#00004D><font size=5>How to embedded an image in PHP graphics concept??</font></font>
Mixture of graphics and text methods are generally used in all kind of outputs.Such a way a standard web page contains text and graphics created through a series of HTTP requests from the web browsing pages. And each answered by a response from the web server. Each response contain one and only one type of data, and each kind of image requires a separate HTTP request and web server response like scripting mode. It form like the following way….
<img src= graph1.php  alt= picture1 >
<img src= graph2.php  alt= picture 2 >

It consists of the following GD extension also.some of that are given,
GD support
GD version
JPG support
PNG support
WBMP support

It contains the general structure as same as the normal scripting format.

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