System Factors and Startup Parameter Tuning in mysql

by satheeshkumar 2012-09-20 12:07:26

System Factors and Startup Parameter Tuning in mysql ,

The operating system to use is very important. To get the best use of multiple-CPU machines, you should use Solaris (because its threads implementation works well) or Linux (because the 2.4 and later kernels have good SMP support). Note that older Linux kernels have a 2GB filesize limit by default. If you have such a kernel and a need for files larger than 2GB, you should get the Large File Support (LFS) patch for the ext2 file system. Other file systems such as ReiserFS and XFS do not have this 2GB limitation.

->if you have enough RAM, you could remove all swap devices. Some operating systems use a swap device in some contexts even if you have free memory.

->Avoid external locking for MyISAM tables. Since MySQL 4.0, the default has been for external locking to be disabled on all systems. The --external-locking and --skip-external-locking options explicitly enable and disable external locking.

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