A concept of Polyhouse Automation System

by barkkathulla 2012-09-20 14:23:18

<font size=6><font color=#0000B3>Control and monitoring </font></font>of environmental parameters inside a Polyhouse farm, so as to ensure continuous maintenance of favorable crop atmosphere is the objective of the work explained in this paper. The objective is achieved through the use of internet based Wireless & Embedded technology.The concept encompasses data acquisition of thermal process parameters through a sensor network, data storage, post processing and online transmission of data to multiple users logged on to their respective web-browsers. Further, control of process parameters of a Polyhouse (for example, toggle on/off control of pumps and accessories, louvers and ventilators, airflow rate, sunlight management, etc.) from one or more remote monitoring stations over the web server in real time is also integrated. A graphical user interface (GUI) is unified for the ease of operations by the farming community. System also allows transmission of process parameters, including emergency alarm signals via e-mail client server or alternatively sending a SMS on a mobile phone. A conventional chat has also been integrated with the GUI to add vibrancy to inter-user communication. This feature can be embedded in upcoming 3G mobile technology. Simulations and video tutorials can also be integrated in the web server for teaching the farming community. Such integrated approach greatly widens the socio-economic possibilities for farmers through interaction with modern technological resources.

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