Ultrasonic basede embedded network

by barkkathulla 2012-09-20 16:20:56

<font color=#000066>Currently, embedded </font>and real time systems are used in wide range of a related human applications to improve the quality of our lives such as embedded systems for communication ( Mobile, satellite, and avionics systems), and control systems such as (microwaves, refrigerators and embedded system in vehicles). Nevertheless, embedded and real time systems are still immature. The application of these systems is used for various devices. However, these systems are never used for a human body to complete human missing-part functionality; which means the embedded system can be used as part of natural neural networks in a human system nerve. This paper proposes a technical view to build an electronic glass (E-Glass) for the blind people. Moreover, this paper provides the complete E-Glass electronic circuit in which the electronic scanning system to tackle the objects and time signals are included. This E-Glass could be used by the blind to assist them in their ways without any human assistance. Moreover, it will be used by the blind to make them self confidence, to let them walk independently and to increase their morality. It is important to note that the hardware and software components of the E-Glass are not expensive.

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