fUTURE SCOPE OF E Glass system

by barkkathulla 2012-09-20 16:24:00

The research in the field of using information technology IT to be part of a human functionality to assist them in their daily life is not developed yet.
The work presented in this paper is innovative from the social view. As one note that there is no similar work undertaken to date. Therefore, this research opens avenues to a new research field to fulfill special needs people.
As a future work, this kind of research should be explored through the medical engineering fields in order to improve it. For instance, the future view of this E-Glass system is to build it as a replaceable part of the damaged human neural system. This will be used as an internal part of a human body utilizing the ultra sonic capabilities especially the one used in medical and pattern recognition. This system will directly replace the human optical nerves instead of the damaged eyes.

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