Attractive feature and overview of biometric passport

by barkkathulla 2012-09-20 16:42:34

<font color=#000066><font size=5>Aim of this project</font> is to identi</font>fied our passport identity/ voter id and other application using embedded concept.It is the policies surrounding the issuance of an electronic passport. It will focus on the two technologies that will be incorporated within such a document and how these technologies will impact the lives of all Peoples. It wills speak to the politics that border this controversial issue by examining those for and against the deployment of an electronic passport.Passports are forms of national identification that offers protection overseas from the country of citizenship and gives the passport holder the right to enter into their home country freely. When traveling overseas this system helps to prove an individuals citizenship.It is a document that is highly desired by those not entitled to citizenship for several reasons, in hopes to carry out criminal acts. Itâs mainly used an unavailing our identity card for illegal use and correct person identifying the position. If the person under gone any illegal case, he can caught by the police by using this identification. So, they can block him by anywhere at any case.Biometrics is not exactly common in our everyday lives, but the technology holds so much potential that it is inevitably going to be introduced. One form is fingerprint identification, a technology which promises so much in terms of individual security and a far safer approach to identification. Up until now, these types of technologies have only been experimented with, but now Government ministers and the Post Office have agreed to implement ID passports with sophisticated fingerprint.


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