Why biometric network for our life?

by barkkathulla 2012-09-20 16:45:29

The production of an electronic passport is an issue that affects all peoples. As with any new issue there are those groups who are skeptical of its integrity and reliability and there are those who do not question the unknown and have full faith in a positive outcome. In a time where terrorism is a concern, so we required to act in an effort to secure borders and yet facilitate travel. The electronic passport, all arguments aside, became the answer for the government in protecting and speeding wait times at security checkpoints in airports.The ePassport is designed using a biometric identifier else RFID technology.These two technologies will aid in identifying the traveler in front of the border guard or security officer is in fact the person entitled to the travel document. It will also ensure that the document is a true and valid document printed by a government entity. The rollout of the new passport will further hinder counterfeiters and forgers from tampering with passports, photo-substitution, and altering information. It will also impede the success of persons to impersonate the true bearer of a stolen passport. Even if the technology itself is secure those individuals who will have access to the information must also be trusted to handle the information responsibly. So it is the technology for the future.

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