Biometric technology in the world...for face recognition!!!

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ze=3>Various methods have been implemented to overcome the problem of the standard attendance system. One of them is RFID which became a real time application. Many of the institutions and organizations are using this technique for attendance registration. RFID is solution for many problems but monitoring of the person cannot be possible and attendance cannot be updated to the server continuously. Finger print technology also cannot perform the above functions as expected. Identification is defined as the capability to find, retrieve, report, change, or delete specific data without ambiguity. Some of the identification system that exists and widely used nowadays are automated fingerprint identification, barcode system and radio frequency identification. In my project, identification system is used to identify the students attending the lectures.
2.1.1 Automated Fingerprint Identification
Automated fingerprint identification is the process of automatically matching one or many unknown fingerprints against a database of known and unknown prints. In this system, fingerprint is used in the identification system. A friction ridge or also knows as a raised portion of the epidermis on the palm or digits, is unique to each people. The basic idea behind fingerprint identification is to capture and measure the physical difference between ridges and valleys and thus help the system to identify the fingerprint. Automated fingerprint identification systems are primarily used by law enforcement agencies for criminal identification initiatives, the most important of which include identifying a person suspected of committing a crime or linking a suspect to other unsolved crimes. Usually, electronic hardware is used to accompany the process of identifying fingerprint.
2.1.2 RFID Based Automatic Attendance
RFID Based Attendance System which is able to uniquely identify students and track the absentees was successfully developed. The major contributions of this work are: _ Manage to write a functional code for PIC microcontroller to communicate with the RFID devices via UART, store students data and display output on LCD display. Manage to design a 3 input button on the system. The first button is to reset the system, the second button display the absentees data on LCD when pressed and the third button display the students entry stored in EEPROM. Successfully tested the RFID Based Attendance System to track and display the absentee’s data.
2.1.3 GPS Based Automatic Attendance System
Time is very precious, the present attendance system is time consuming and it is a very tedious process. So many companies and institutions are facing this problem and moreover authorities in organizations and institutions need to monitor their employees and students. In order to meet their expectation an idea of GPS AND GPRS Based Automated Attendance System has been proposed, which makes the attendance system more amicable. This idea involves designing of an electronic card which helps in marking attendance and updating the data to the internet automatically with continuous monitoring of a person. The card includes ARM controller which helps in interfacing GPS and GPRS modules.GPS provides the latitude and longitudinal values which helps in determining the exact location of a person carrying the electronic card. The latitude and longitude of a particular area are predefined and stored in the database and when the person enters the predefined area with the card, the attendance is marked. Basically the card acts as a transmitter which is tracked by the monitor.
2.1.4 IRIS Based Automatic Attendance System
Compared to fingerprint, iris is protected from the external environment behind the cornea and the eyelid. No subject to deleterious effects of aging, the small-scale radial features of the iris remain stable and fixed from about one year of age throughout life. A number of groups have explored iris recognition algorithms and some systems have already been implemented and put into commercial practice by companies such as Viridian Technologies, Inc., whose system is based on the use of Dagan’s algorithm (Dagan, 1993). Nowadays, bulk of automatic iris recognition system is constantly smaller. Complex iris recognition verifying algorithms can be solidified in a small embedded processing module. This module and iris recognition sensor as well as external control interface constitute embedded iris recognition verifying system. This wireless iris recognition attendance management system is designed and realized based on automatic iris recognition module and RF wireless module.
The basic functions of this system include:
(1) Take the task of users’ attendances.
(2) transmit the information of attendances to the managing PC;
(3) As a terminal of information, display useful information transmitted by PC on LCD.


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