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The new block-based selective embedding type data hiding framework that encapsulates Forbidden Zone Data Hiding (FZDH) and RA codes in accordance with an additional temporal synchronization mechanism. FZDH is a practical data hiding method, which is shown to be superior to the conventional Quantization Index Modulation (QIM). RA codes are already used in image and video data hiding due to their strength against erasures. This robustness allows handling de-synchronization between embedded and decoder that occurs as a result of the differences in the selected coefficients.
In order to incorporate frame synchronization markers, we partition the blocks into two groups. One group is used for frame marker embedding and the other is used for message bits. By means of simple rules applied to the frame markers, we introduce certain level of robustness against frame drop, repeat and insert attacks. We utilize systematic RA codes to encode message bits and frame marker bits. Each bit is associated with a block residing in a group of frames. Random interleaving is performed spatio-temporally; dependency to local characteristics is reduced.
Input design
At first, we should need to design to all the process. The design depends up on the process. After finished the design then get the input dataâs and video. Then precede the following process.
In the first step, frame selection is performed and the selected frames are processed block-wise. For each block, only a single bit is hidden. After obtaining 8x8 DCT of the block, energy check is performed on the coefficients that are predefined in a mask. Selected coefficients of variable length are used to hide data bit. Data bit is a member of message bits or frame synchronization markers. After the inverse transform host frame is obtained.
Selective Embedding
Host signal samples, which will be used in data hiding, are determined adaptively. The selection is performed at four stages: frame selection, frequency band determination, block selection, and coefficient selection.

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