8 Very Interesting facts about Google

by Geethalakshmi 2010-01-04 21:31:16

8 Very Interesting facts about Google

1. The size of googleplex / google headquarters is 129619 square meters, or 32.03 acres

2. They have their own Restaurant with Organic Meals that are served to all employees FREE.

3. They have 200,000 computers at their headquarters to cater for the massive amount of bandwidth needed to generate and support the millions of users online.

4. After Yahoo Secured a deal with AOL in 2004 (but without signing) to win the bid to take over the European Market, Google found out and flew in their private jet on the same day all the way to UK to convince AOL otherwise and gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Yahoo refused to get into a bidding war and let them get the better of it and win.

5. The staff at Google are allowed 1 day a week to work at whatever interests them, and can be anything ranging from developing their own commercial website to whatever they like. The founders Page and Brin see this as expanding their knowledge and allowing this keeps the staff enthusiastic.

6. Google’s first webpage ever recorded in the way back machine in November 1998, with the home page not having a logo.

7. Google invented a special scanner to digitize 15 million library books and have them published on their engine.

8. There is still to this day no resolution on click fraud.

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