Make a security in routing!!!

by barkkathulla 2012-09-21 11:06:17

Vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V) systems, where vehicles exchange informationâs
with each other, become an important need in order to decrease traffic accidents and improve capacity of highways traffic and also road side infrastructure (V2I) communication from transportation operation center. The security could indeed be increased if the communication between the vehicles is established and maintained, this enables the driver of a car to be aware at an early time of the emergency breaking of the preceding vehicle and so eventually avoid a collision. Two efficient algorithms are proposed. Distributed-fair
power adjustment for vehicular environments (DFPAV) is a transmit power control approach for
periodic messages based on a strict fairness criterion that can maximize the minimum value over all transmission power levels assigned to nodes that form the vehicular network under a given constraint on the Maximum Beaconing Load. Emergency message dissemination for vehicular environments (EMDV), for fast and effective multihop information dissemination of eventdriven messages with respect to both probability of
reception and latency.

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