User oriented image retrieval system....

by barkkathulla 2012-09-21 19:12:33

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The primary g</font>oal of the CBIR system is to construct meaningful descriptions of physical attributes from images to facilitate efficient and effective retrieval. CBIR has become an active and fast-advancing research area in image retrieval in the last decade. By and large, research activities in CBIR have progressed in four major directions: global image properties based, region-level features based, relevance feedback, and semantic based. Initially, developed algorithms exploit the low-level features of the image such as color, texture, and shape of an object to help retrieve images. They are easy to implement and perform well for images that are either simple or contain few semantic contents.
However, the semantics of an image are difficult to be revealed by the visual features, and these algorithms have many limitations when dealing with broad content image database. Therefore, in order to improve the retrieval via image segmentation were introduced. These methods attempt to overcome the drawbacks of global features by representing images at object level, which is intended to be close to the perception of human visual system.

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