Database Development Process

by Mohan 2012-09-21 23:12:24

<h2>Database Development Process</h2>

The database is the fundamental component of the information system of an organization. In a computerized environment, the information system includes the resources such as data, DBMS software, computer hardware and storage media, the people who use and manage the data, the application programs. The database development is very important and creative activity. The database development process consists of two activities. The first activity involves the design of the data contents and the structure of database. The second activity is related to the design of database applications. The two activities are closely related to each other. For example, by analyzing the database application, we can identify the data items that will be stored in the database.

Designing and developing an effective information system, is most important activity. Therefore, in order to build an effective database and related applications, the development team thoroughly understands the data of an organization. To do this, the team builds a data model that identifies the data to be stored in the database and defines their structures and the relationships among them. There are two strategies for developing a database.

Top-down approach
Bottom-Up approach
A system consists of components in the form of hierarchy. The Top-down approach starts from the highest-level component of the hierarchy and proceeds towards lower level of the hierarchy. Similarly, the Bottom-Up method uses the same approach as Top-Down method but Bottom-Up approach starts from the lowest level component of the hierarchy and proceeds towards higher level to the top-level component. Information system architecture is a conceptual blueprint for plan that expresses the desired future structure for the information system in an organization. An organization needs information system architecture and a methodology that supports for developing that architecture. Information engineering is formal methodology, which is used to create and maintain information system. It is a top-down methodology.

An organization needs a methodology (related series of steps) and related set of tools to develop the information system architecture. Conceptually a methodology includes a set of instructions. A variety of tools are required to support the development of information system. CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) tools provide automated support for some portion of the system development process.


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