XP SysKey Trick

by Mohan 2012-09-21 23:18:13


* Go to Start/Run and in the blank field type "syskey" press enter, or OK.
* You should see a small window titled "Securing the Windows XP Account Database". From this Window select the "Update" button to move to the next window.
* The "Startup Key" is the next window. You'll see a couple of options there, but the one we are looking for says "Startup Key on floppy disk", along with some warning about how your system is going to startup now.
* After selecting this click OK, and a pop-up will alert you that the key has been changed. Another message follows asking you to insert a disk in drive A: (Floppy drive).
* Insert the floppy, click OK, and one more window will come up telling you that the Key has been changed and you need to have this floppy disk in order to log into Windows. That's exactly what we want.

When you're all done go ahead and eject the floppy (you might want to slide the little lock up on the floppy to insure you don't format it on accident), and restart the PC. Windows will appear to come up normally, but after it loads the kernel the "Windows XP Startup Key Disk" window pops-up. Grab your Startup Key floppy put it in the floppy drive, and select OK. You'll see Windows load up and bring you to your user logon screen.

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