Function keys in Acrobat Reader -1

by Mohan 2012-09-21 23:24:41

Uses of Function keys in Acrobat Reader

Shortcut keys Action

Up Arrow Button Scroll up the active document
Down Arrow button Scroll down the active document
Ctrl+Hyphen Use to Zoom out the active page
Ctrl+equal sign (=) Use to Zoom in the active page
Alt+Right Arrow button Use to Next view
Alt+Left Arrow button Use to previous view
Right Arrow button Move to next page in active document
Left Arrow button Move to back page in active document
Page Up Move to the previous screen
Page Down Move to the next screen
Ctrl+Shift+W Apply to close all open windows
Ctrl+Spacebar+click on active page Zoom the active page for temporarily
Ctrl+Home Go to home page of document
Ctrl+End Go to last page of document
Ctrl+A Use to select the all pages
Ctrl+Shift+A Use to deselect the all pages
Enter Scroll down the pages
Ctrl+0 Use to adjust the document
Ctrl+1 Use to view actual document size
Ctrl+Q Quit the active document
Ctrl+L To view the document in full view
Ctrl+Shift++ Move the page clockwise
Ctrl+Shift+- Move the page counter clockwise

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