Create Tables Quickly in Word 2007

by Mohan 2012-09-21 23:31:38

<h2>Create Tables Quickly in Word 2007</h2>

Word 2007 has many features that can improve the presentation of your documents. It perks up the way in which you exchange information with other people. Among these beneficial built-in features of Word 2007 is creating tables. You can create tables quickly in Word 2007 too but it is also a bit different than the previous version of Word. Other than that you might find it simpler to create as well as format tables in Word 2007. In fact, it is easier to create tables quickly in Word 2007.

There are numerous methods to create tables quickly in Word 2007, e.g. you can use the Insert table option or draw one by using the draw table option. But there is also another way to create tables quickly in Word 2007 that many people are not familiar with. Follow these steps to help create tables quickly in Word 2007 a very easy job:

1. Place the cursor where you would like to start the table.

2. Type a â+â sign.


3. Space or tab to where you would like the 1st column to finish.

+ +

4. Type a â+â sign again and press Enter. This will create a box.

5. Repeat the steps for each column.

6. Type a â+â at the point you would like the last column to finish.

7. A table will be created with your required number of columns and one row.

8. In order to add rows, click at the end of the first row outside the table.

9. Press Enter on the keyboard.

10. Repeat the same steps for each row you want to add.

After you create tables quickly in Word 2007 using this method, you can modify its layout just like you can alter any other table you make in Word 2007. In order to alter the table, you can right-click on the four-headed arrow outside the table on the top left and click on Table Properties from the menu.


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