Encrypt and set password in Word 2007 Documents

by Mohan 2012-09-21 23:40:43

<h2>Encrypt and set password in Word 2007 Documents</h2>

Click on the Microsoft Office Button.

Select Prepare from the left-hand menu.

Click on Encrypt Document from the resulting menu shown on the right.

The Encrypt Document dialog box will appear. Enter a password for the Word document.

Type in the password once more for confirmation and click on the OK button.

After you press the Ok button, this window will close without asking for further verification. Your Word 2007 document is now successfully encrypted. When you encrypt Word 2007 documents, Microsoft Office automatically saves the document with a 128-bit advanced encryption.

No-one can open this document without entering the password. If anyone clicks on the document to open it, he will be prompted to enter a password.


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