Play With Your Favorites

by Mohan 2012-09-22 00:03:23

<h2>Play With Your Favorites</h2>

A cool tip to move your favorites list, because there is no any option to copy it. But using a method you can create a printable HTML document.

To create this HTML list, first open Internet Explorer. Here go to File option then you will find here option Import and Export, to run the Import/Export wizard Click here then Next.

Here you can select what to import and export, Select Export Favorites option then click Next button. Next you will get option which folder you want to export. You can select the top folder Favorites or just a specific folder.

Select "Export to a File or Address" option and give it a name and location. Click Next and Finish it. Now you have one html file and you can move it any where with you.

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