Remove or uninstall Windows XP SP2

by Mohan 2012-09-22 10:22:13

Remove or uninstall Windows XP SP2

Windows XP service pack 2 is a powerful tool to fight against malicious intrusion, but if you are experiencing problem with SP2, you can uninstall or remove it. There are many methods to remove it, but a simple one to remove using “Add or Remove Programs tool in Control Panel”.

Follow the given steps to remove windows XP SP2:

First click on Start button then open Run on Popup menu.

In Run dialog box type appwiz.cpl and press Ok button.

Here Add or Remove Programs dialog box, select the Show Updates check box on the top of that dialog box.

Now select Windows XP Service Pack 2 program then click on remove button.

At the end Removal Wizard will start, click Next to finish it.

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