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by Mohan 2012-09-22 12:22:54

Video hosting & group albums added to may be Flash-y and Air-y with photo-editing capabilities, but it surprisingly still seems to lag sites like Flickr andFacebook when it comes to various sharing features. For instance, only this week hasAdobe launched video-hosting and group album capabilities (available for free accounts as well as paid), long available from its competitors.

If you e-mail an invite to someone at an e-mail address other than the one connected to their Adobe ID, thereâs no way to link the addresses or even allow the person to reply to you with the correct address.

People you invite as Collaborators to Group Albums arenât automatically added as your friends. And while it notifies you via e-mail of updates to the album there donât seem to be other notification options, like posting Twitter, Facebook, or even an RSS feed.

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