Speed up your computer with Notepad

by Mohan 2012-09-22 13:00:35

<h2>Speed up your computer with Notepad</h2>

Notepad can be used to speed up your computer by clearing the RAM. Without a doubt, RAM is one of the most important resources in your computer. It’s comparable to gas in a car. The more free RAM you have, the faster your computer will perform. Clearing the RAM cache is a efficient way to improve your performance.

Before tweaking notepad to speed up your PC, follow these steps:
1). Go to “MyComputer” and click on tools (in case you have xp) or organize (in case you have windows 7).
2).Go to “folder and search” option and hit your mouse left key.
3). Select view and uncheck “Hide extension for known file type”
4). Click OK.
Now the initial setting are done and notepad work comes:
1). Open notepad.
2). Type: “mystring=(80000000)” (without quotes).
3). Save the notepad file with the name RAM. Vbe and Close it.
4). Now every time you click on this file, it will clear your computer’s RAM and makes it almost 80% faster.

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