Top 10 Amazing Apps - Nokia Lumia

by Dinesh 2012-09-28 21:11:44

Top 10 Amazing Apps - Nokia Lumia

1. Microsoft Office: One of the biggest advantages that the Lumia 820 has is that it works well with MS Office. Nokia and Microsoft are hoping to bridge the gap between work and play on a handset with the new and improved Office. Users of the Lumia 820 no longer need to sit in front of their computers all the time, they then work with Excel, PowerPoint and Word anywhere, anytime.

2. Nokia City Lens: With a Lumia 820 in hand, one can never get lost. All a user has to do in unfamiliar territory is hold the phone up to get all the information about nearby places to eat and hang out. Restaurant locations, reviews, booking options and ways to get there are just a click away with Nokia City Lens.

3. Smart Shoot: One of the best apps on the Lumia 820, Smart Shoot takes multiple snapshots every time a user clicks a picture. It then chooses the best of each individual character in each shot and merges them all together to come up with the best shot of the lot. With Smart Shoot, Lumia 820 users no longer need to worry about red eyes, frowns and unsmiling faces.

4. Microsoft Outlook: This is a functionally relevant app for those who swear by Microsoft’s emailing services. With Outlook on the Lumia 820, staying in touch is convenient, easy and very quick. Be it for work or for personal use, smartphone users will never miss a mail with Lumia 820’s Outlook.

5. Nokia Music: With the Lumia 820, users get free access to Nokia Music. Listening to one’s favourite artists and tuning into music channels on the go has never been easier. What’s more, users can download playlists to listen to later, even at places where they don’t have internet access.

6. Nokia Maps: Nokia has put in some hard work on its Maps application and it looks like it is ready to take on Google in a big way. From driving and walking directions and public transportation options to the time estimated for travelling, Maps lets Lumia 820 users plan their schedule to the last detail, without getting lost along the way. The best part of it all? Content on Maps can be downloaded for offline viewing too.

7. VoIP and Skype: Video calling has also got a boost on Nokia’s latest offering. With integrated VoIP and Skype and 4G LTE speeds on the Lumia 800, users can look at and talk to their loved ones when they are on the go.

8. Internet Explorer 10: Microsoft is offering a revamped and spruced up version of Explorer on its new lineup of Lumia smartphones. Not only is the browser blazingly fast, its SmartScreen anti-phishing filter keeps it safe and secure.

9. NFC tags and payment apps: Since the Lumia 820 supports NFC connectivity, users of the smartphone can use apps to read tags and make payments. By linking their credit and debit cards, they can make in-app purchases with ease too, especially with a PIN number securing their mobile transactions.

10. Facebook: Gone are the days of a frustrating, incomplete Facebook experience on Windows phone devices. On the Lumia 820 Facebook works seamlessly and with its user friendly notifications and updates, makes sure that one never misses a chance to stay in touch with family and friends.

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