How to create ourself in succefull manner???

by barkkathulla 2012-10-01 19:31:38

How to improve ourself?

1.Time utilization
If the entire presentation is to last for 30 minutes, the practice should go no longer than 18 to 25 minutes, depending on the amount of interaction or questions you anticipate.

2.Warst practices
Say the presentation out loud; three to six times should do it.

3.Time management
Leave time in your practice session for audience interaction, questions, etc

4.Relavant practices from book,library etc...
If you anticipate getting questions, or being interrupted during the presentation, make sure your practice audience is doing the same.

5.Time spending in formal way
Practice your opening and close more frequently – commute time is great for this.

6.Record ourself
If they are very critical presentations, videotape yourself.

7.Bold speaker in front of all
Practice in front of people who are similar to the “real audience.” If there are words that you are using they don’t get, or concepts that aren’t clear, it’s better to find out in front of this group, rather than the “real audience.”

8.Type of work consideration
Every time you say your presentation, say it differently – the goal is to keep it conversational, not memorize exact phrases.

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