Password Validator - Javascript Code

by Dinesh 2012-10-04 21:32:43

Javascript Password Validator
Using the onkeyup event, we can check what the user has enterd in both fields and confirm that they have typed the same thing twice and visually confirm to the user that there is no problem with his password.

function checkPass()
//Store the password field objects into variables ...
var pass1 = document.getElementById('pass1');
var pass2 = document.getElementById('pass2');
//Store the Confimation Message Object ...
var message = document.getElementById('confirmMessage');
//Set the colors we will be using ...
var goodColor = "#66cc66";
var badColor = "#ff6666";
//Compare the values in the password field
//and the confirmation field
if(pass1.value == pass2.value){
//The passwords match.
//Set the color to the good color and inform
//the user that they have entered the correct password = goodColor; = goodColor;
message.innerHTML = "Passwords Match!"
//The passwords do not match.
//Set the color to the bad color and
//notify the user. = badColor; = badColor;
message.innerHTML = "Passwords Do Not Match!"

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