Voice Detection and Recognition Process for android development

by barkkathulla 2012-10-16 16:38:08

Processing of Analog voice Information

It would be controlled by our voice. Based on the given input,the vehicles would drive us by our destination. Speech recognition algorithm plays an important role. It would be most useful to disabled people to improve and high tech their daily work. We designed a speech controlled car by various engineering branch such as analog/digital signal processing, analog circuit design.
Speech resource signal…
Some kind of robot are the important process to form the speech signal levels. In the digital world, it is the one kind of innovative task to form a human speech human speech commands. By picked a part of the movie to make a vehicle move using speech recognition process.

How this process functioning….
Where the coefficient a’s and b’s were obtained through Matlab using the following commands.
 [B,A] = cheby2(2,40,[Freq1, Freq2]);
Require second and fourth order filter with 40 dB attenuation Level of encoding
[sos2, g2] = tf2sos (B2, A2,'up','inf'); 
Biometric calculation
To do this in relavant source a lookup() function is induced. The lookup() function do a pseudo Random Euclidean appliances of quantizing formula by calculating the sum of the absolute value of the difference between each samples.Ex. Finger print.

For sample calculation,
Distance calculation, d = Σ(pi – qi) 2.
PWM signal to move car
To find out a frequency and phase with a duty cycles the vehicles will turns forward/backward and left/right movement.In this speech route different signals are analysed.From the measurements,PWM frequency wil be in the form of 50Hz (period of 20ms).
 Pulse Width Modulation Duty Cycle specifications…..

Measurement:50 Hz PWM frequency
Duty cycle: 5% to 10% with timer/counter1 in phase mode
Signal set: 20000 and using a /8 & 50Hz = 16MHz/(8*2*20000).
Range: OCR1x = (20000 - 40000*duty cycle).
Compared: Registers.

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