Simple proof that the world is not continuous

by pashute 2012-11-11 03:45:37


The following is a simple proof that the everything in the physical world is built of discreet that is non-continuous small parts.

Space is not continuous.

Time is not continuous.

Nothing in the physical world is continuous.

And the notion of infinity, both large numbers and small numbers is wrong, in the physical world. In math it is possible but in the physical world it is not. And here is why:

Lets talk about a small section in space which has a line drawn through it. A location on that line takes up no space (as we are taught in grade school when we learn geometry, about points). Every other location on that line takes up no space. The line is built of the infinite collection of points on the line. But each line has a length of zero. So no matter how many times we multiply zero we should still be left with a length of zero.

This proves that the notion of continuity is incorrect.

The correct way to understand space is that there is a unit of space, that is the smallest distance. This unit is very small but NOT zero. It is so small, that most of the time we can consider it as insignificant, until there is enough of these to "show on our radar". An extremely large BUT NOT INFINITE number of these units is needed for us to be able to realize its existence, or measure its existence.

It is the same with time, mass, energy, frequency and any other measurable quantity in the physical world.

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