Trick To Rotating The Match Stick

by Naveenkumar 2012-12-01 15:36:20

Rotating a matchstick, precariously balanced on the rim of a coin, standing on its edge under a cup sounds like an impossible and slightly pointless challenge.

1. Lay a coin flat on the table and balance a coin on its rim. Now carefully balance a matchstick on top of the coin.
WARNING: this can be frustratingly tricky but you can cheat by sticking a tiny bit of poster putty on the rim of your coin.

2. Cover your creation with an upturned glass or plastic cup. Now challenge a friend to move the matchstick 90 degrees without lifting the cup or knocking the coin over.

3. Rub a plastic pen (or fork or comb) in your hair.
NOTE: Your hair must be dry and clean ...

4. Now wave your pen around the outside of the cup. The matchstick will magically follow your pen and pirouette on the rim of the coin.

5. You'll easily rotate the matchstick 90 degrees but go further and, nine times out of ten, it falls off the coin. If you're extra lucky, you might turn it a full 180 degrees.

Either way, it's spooky and amazing!


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