Get Ride The Mosquitoes with Cow Dung

by Selva 2012-12-01 16:14:52

Here I will share a small ( science ? ) Confused
info which I have experienced personally and used frequently few years before.

Now a days dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya are spreading and affecting health even causing death to people. This is all because of mosquito.

To get ride of mosquitoes we can use dry 'Cow Dung'. When we put fire on dry cow dung, the smoke comes out of it will ride the mosquitoes. when we add tulasi leafs into dry cow dung and put fire the effect will be more power full, even small insects won't disturb you. Also there will be no side effects in inhalation of this smoke unlike the other chemical repellents available in the market like Good nit, All out etc...

Try this and get ride of mosquitoes and be happy without diseases.

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