Hide A Coin In Water

by Naveenkumar 2012-12-01 16:34:47

This is one of the easiest, yet most impressive magic tricks you'll ever learn. Your audience will gasp when you magically push a coin through the side of a plastic cup full of water without spilling a drop.


1.Plastic cup
2. A Coin
2. Water


1. Half-fill a plastic cup with water. Now carefully drop in a coin so it stands upright against the inside of the cup.

2. Rotate the cup and you'll notice that, when viewed at just the right angle, the coin completely disappears from view. Show the cup to your audience this way and they'll believe there is nothing but water inside.

3. With your audience convinced there is nothing funny going on inside your cup, press a the coin against the outside of the cup.

4. Cover this coin with your fingers. Now comes the tricky bit. Tilt the cup forward slightly so that the coin inside rolls forwards.

5. Remove your hand, sneakily taking the coin you pressed against the outside of the cup. While your audience marvels at how the coin got into the cup..


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