Right attitude at Work

by GJSenthil 2012-12-10 14:48:36

Attitudes are appraisal statements relating to objects, people or events. They exhibit how one feels about something. Attitudes involve emotions and are relatively stable. Attitudes are the product of a related belief and value (BELIEF+VALUE=ATTITUDE).Behavior is the external manifestation of attitude.

Nowhere is your positive attitude more accepted and respected by others than when you are at work. A positive person makes the work more satisfying and pleasurable for everyone. Both positive and negative attitudes travel quickly in the work place. Working near a person with a positive attitude is an electrifying experience. Working near a negative person is like being caught in an elevator with a grouchy bump. A positive work environment is the root cause for better productivity with fewer mistakes. A negative attitude is an obstruction. Attitude is more vital than other performance factors because it leads others to higher levels of accomplishment. Positive attitude can make first-rate results possible.

Generally, an attitude problem exists if the person shows some of the following behaviors:/strong

Constant or persistent ridiculous remarks about the company, the boss and work.

Disobedience and refusal to follow the supervisors’ instructions.

Excessive socializing and being away frequently from workstations.

Aggressiveness to argument and finding issues to argue over that distress others.

Poor quantity and quality of work.

Sexual jokes, comments or activities that can be categorized as sexual harassment.

A sincere attempt can be made to improve or change attitudes by implementing or executing following tips:

A. Dealing with Boss

a. Get along with your boss. Dealing with your boss is the art of persuasion or conviction

b. Learn his way of working and adjust accordingly.

c. It is better to be known for making honest mistakes”. When you make a mistake-accept
it. Explain to your boss and assure him that you will correct and improve before he

Dealing with Superiors

a. Develop effective and meaningful relations with superiors. Respect the position.

b. Keep brief. Speak with facts.

c. Ensure assigned jobs are completed in time. When in doubt assume personal

C. Dealing with Subordinates

a. Make use of their talents for achieving department’s goals or targets. Ensure cordial relationship with subordinates.

b. Provide proper guidance and constructive feedback. Help them to improve management skills, because skills are like axes. If we don’t spend time sharpening them, they become rusty and useless.

c. Allow subordinate to deliver his message completely. As Alex Park says “there is no bigger respect you can pay a subordinate than to hear his point of view”. Share information which affects their work.

To conclude, attitude is little thing that makes a big difference. Attitude is a mindset. Our life is a reflection of our attitude. Our attitude defines our life. A cheerful, positive attitude will help us to face unpleasant situations with optimism and hope. Remember, that it is the attitude, not only the aptitude that decides our altitude!

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