Simple Tool to simulate satellite orbital path in Earth Surface

by barkkathulla 2012-12-17 14:02:27

Satellite Communication tool

The Satellites plugins are used to simulate the practical artificial satellites in Earth orbit. Satellite orbits could not be predicted in existing orbital models for Solar System bodies because of so many factor involved - irregularities in the Earth's gravitational field, lunar interactions, atmospheric drag. So this plugin implements the SGP4 and SDP4 orbital models are the important fact.Here two-line element set (TLE) formats are involved.

This plugin comes bundled with Stellarium version 0.10.3. To enable the plugin, open the configuration dialog and go to the plugins tab. Click Satellites from the list of available plugins and check the load at startup checkbox.

Here are the sample code in this "simulator"to run this process:

"NORAD number":
"name": "name of the satellite"
"description": "description goes here",
"comms": [
"description": "downlink 1",
"frequency": 437.49,
"modulation": "AFSK 1200 bps"
"description": "downlink 2",
"frequency": 145.825
"groups": ["group1", "group2"],
"tle1": "1 12345U 90005D 09080.85236265 .00000014 00000-0 20602-4 0 5632",
"tle2": "2 12345 98.2700 53.2702 0011918 71.1776 289.0705 14.31818920 653",
"visible": true

=>From this additionally we can get the following information:

=>Normal positional data (RA/Dec, Alt/Azi and so on)
Range in kilometers. This is the line-of-sight distance between the observer and the selected satellite
=>Altitude of the satellite above the ground in kilometers

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