Install Titanium Studio ,Titanium SDK and Android SDK for linux users

by mariganesh 2013-02-25 19:12:00

Install Titanium Studio ,Titanium SDK and Android SDK

Step 1: Download linux package from this link.

Step 2 : First create the account in following website.

Step 3: Run the TitanumSudio from step 1 download folder

Step 4 : Give the login Details and install Titanim studio

Step 5: Install the JDK 1.6 and set path in user bashrc,bash_profile file and root bashrc,bash_profile file

Step 6 : Get Automatic Installation Popup for tiatnium next and set installation path for titanium sdk /root/.titanium

(Note :if you dont have Android follow the 7th step)

step 7 : In Dashboard Click Getstarted --> Click Android (below link) --> click Install or Update Android SDK -->Give android sdk using Path and install it

Step 8 :click File-->New-->Titanium Project -->Single window Application -->click Next

Step 9 :Give your Project name and app id should be "com.companyname.projectname"(i.e com.hiox.teet) so url is

Step 10: Click Finish and your project created sucessfully


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