Copy multiple files using vim

by Mohan 2013-05-18 16:26:02

<h2> Here are the steps to work with multiple files using vim in linux</h2>

Step 1: Open the terminal.

Step 2: Type the following command in terminal
vi filename1 filename2 filename3

Here filename1 represents a file
filename2 represents a file
filename3 represents a file

Step 3: The vim editor opens filename1 file.

You can switch over the files using :n command
and then hit enter to switch to next file.
and then hit enter to switch to previous file.
->to see the files that are open.
:buffer 1
-> to switch to first file.

Step 4: To copy content from one file to another use the following commands

Open the file from which content has to be copied
:buffer 1

opens first file. use command 'yy' to copy a line from file.
Then type the command
:buffer 2

opens the second file. place the cursor where you want to paste the content and press 'p'.
The copied text will be pasted on the second file.

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