Web design trends in 2014

by GOKILAVANI 2014-02-19 09:53:54

1.Mobile first

The growth of mobile and tablet usage has been increased in recent years.In 2014 mobile devices will continue to dominate, which force designers to rethink the user experience for smaller screens.(of course they should think about bigger ones too).

2. More scrolling

Similar to newer animation techniques, parallax scrolling can also help bring a website to life.

Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique where background and foreground images and text are animated as you scroll, which helps create depth and can help bring the page to “life.”

Parallax scrolling, horizontal scrolling, column-based scrolling and infinite scrolling are all things that we'll probably see more of in 2014 and beyond.

3.Large Backgrounds

The right design and image, web designers can smoothly connect large background images into the rest of a design, actually enhancing the experience of the reader.

4. Micro UX

Micro UX effects can help bring a website to life, with menus, transitions and hover states all pleasing the senses.

5.Less text

Few website and apps almost has no visible text, instead relying on images and icons to convey information to the user.

6.Video / moving backgrounds

video backgrounds or moving images or slid shows has been used in most of the sites to attract the users.

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