Export Tally Data to Excel

by saira 2014-02-19 17:16:00

Export tally to Excel

Using the Export feature you can export Tally.ERP 9 data to Excel. Data exported to Excel can be e-mailed as an attachment, used to generate graphs for better presentation and further analysis.
Go to Gateway of Tally > Balance Sheet
1. In the Balance sheet screen click E : Export or press Alt+E.
2. Select the required language from the list of Languages displayed.
3. Select a format from the list of Formats displayed.
4. By default, the exported file will be stored in C:Program FilesTally.ERP 9 for Windows 7 and C:Tally.ERP 9 for Windows XP operating systems
5. Press Enter to accept the default Output Filename or type the filename of your choice in order to save the file with a different name.
6. Press Enter to accept the default Output Sheet Name.
7. To update the existing file select Yes in Update Existing File.
8. To format the contents of the file select Yes in Excel (Spreadsheet) formatting.
9. Select Yes for the Field with Colour, to retain the background colour in the exported file.


10. Accept to export the Balance Sheet to an excel file.
The exported file is saved in the default Tally.ERP9 or the specified folder, you can use this file for further analysis. �


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