Solar DNA tests detect cancer without electricity

by GOKILAVANI 2014-02-27 09:39:46


The medical revolution is caused by the power of the sun.

Disease can be detected using smartphone,sunlight and small DNA sample.

KS-Detect- Used to detect diagnose Kaposi's sarcoma (AIDS-related cancer)-common in sub-Saharan Africa and caused by herpes virus.

This virus will affect the weakened immune systems and finally causes death.

KS-Detect was built by Li Jiang and his colleague David Erickson in New York and it does not required electricity for it functioning.

It uses a lens to focus the sun's rays into a disc of light where the edges are cooler than the center.

Under the disc of light a long microscopic channel is etched onto a chip is placed.

Alternately between the heat at the center of the light disc and the cool edges the sample moves along this channel, so that its temperature changes in cycles and this drives the PCR.

SYBR GReen(dye) which is placed under blue light detects amplified DNA from the herpes virus.

The results could be read by the smartphone controlling the chip.


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